Whimsy By Laluu Professional Multi-Media Art And Design Studio


Consultation Each work of art is custom made and created for the specific needs of each client. There is no charge for consultations to establish what the desired end product should be and come to an agreed price and payment structure. Depending on the complexity and scale of the desired finished product, consultation may consist of a single e-mail or require a more in depth examination. Down Payment As with any custom work, a down payment is required to cover material cost. The down payment is normally 50% of the total agreed price unless otherwise agreed to in advance. Phased Confirmation Of Work Laluu wants to be sure that the finished product matches the desires of the customer. As the art work is in progress, you will receive e-mail photos of the work to ensure an exceptional end product. Final Payment: Once the customer accepts the final review of the art work, the remainder of the agreed fee plus shipping and handling fees will be due via secure PayPal payment. Shipment/ Delivery: Once all agreed fees and shipping cost have been paid the finished art work will be immediately shipped to the customer.